Could WFNX go talk? WGST returns June 3, all syndicated with Glenn Beck, Dave Ramsey | Radio & TV Talk |

Bob Nelson
Thu Apr 25 11:56:31 EDT 2013

I think WGST 640 had been simulcasting on 92.3 but that won't be the plan now, as 92.3 (low power) will take the ESPN Deportes. (The FM had comedy most recently.)

WEDX's signal is probably great within much of the 128 belt but it's been said not so good to the south, etc. Given
the presence of the 101.5 in Prov and the 101.9 on the Cape, no surprise. If they did go talk (probably all syndie,
unless they want to bring back Jeff Katz) those outside of the WEDX range could get most or all of the shows
Premiere, etc has on 920 in RI, 580 in Worc., and 610 in Manchester. (Howie btw said yesterday that Glenn Beck
was no longer on the terrestrial dial in Boston, but I'd think he could pick him up on the 580 or 920, etc. Not clear
but south of town even just in Braintree, 920 could work. Probably hit Wellesley, too..) Clear
Channel could seek to put 101.7 as a talker to reach Boston, etc., and let the other stations pick up the slack,
but do they want to try it again...after 1200 didn't quite work out? But there is the fact that it's on FM.

Do they want to try to continue to reach the Evolution audience or go for fans of Beck, Hannity, et al?

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