Garrett 100% correct on WEDX format

Chris Hall
Thu Apr 25 01:17:01 EDT 2013

Having engineered the WEDX pattern and the One Financial installation I agree with Garrett 100%.  WEDX is doing the cheapest most practical
format for the signal they have to work with. It was moved from Medford because what once was a usable signal downtown for the Alternative format
worsened over the years with each addition of RF to the Pru.  People who originally worked at WFNX moving  on to other markets upon returning
to Boston were stunned at how badly the signal had deteriorated, unlistenable 101.7 (and useless 101.3 badly overshot the city...way too high) in Kenmore Square and at the Paradise and in Cambridge . I would have preferred a site over downtown at 328-400’ for a lower HAAT with higher power for a denser signal but had to take what I could get. Beggars can’t be choosers as there was a 10.7 problem and I had to pull a fast one with the COL coverage, luckily it worked as there was no other place it could go. We now know what 103.7 at the John Hancock will be like, a weak receivable on the Lynnway but lost in the RF mess downtown. Even cranking up the Harris Z5CD to its full 5 kilowatts could not cut through the Pru RF mess.

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