WNSH applies for 50 kW

Sean Smyth ssmyth@psualum.com
Thu Sep 27 18:38:24 EDT 2012

Dan wrote:

>Speaking of stations that have, over the years, sounded particularly awful
>(my last post was about such a station), today's FCC actions indicate that
>WNSH has applied to increase its day power from 30 kW ND to 50 kW ND. There
>would be no other changes in facilities other than a minor correction to the
>geographic coordinates of the tower. Considering that, IIRC, WNSH applied
>for 50 kW ND D a few years ago, and had to back off to 30 kW to get a CP,
>this application seems odd, but it says that all normally prohibited
>overlaps with co-channel and first-adjacent-channel stations fall over open
>ocean, making the overlaps permissable. I live northwest of Boston, one of
>the areas where WNSH's 30-kW signal is particularly bad. A 67% increase in
>power is equivalent to a 30% increase in signal strength. I can't see that
>30% increase doing much for the WNSH signal around here. But then, very few
>people around here speak Spanish as their primary language.

It's probably been close to 10 (?) years now since they powered up, IIRC? Also note that WPEP is out of the way (even though it was out of the way the first time, too.)

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