WNSH applies for 50 kW

Dan.Strassberg dan.strassberg@att.net
Thu Sep 27 16:50:34 EDT 2012

Speaking of stations that have, over the years, sounded particularly awful
(my last post was about such a station), today's FCC actions indicate that
WNSH has applied to increase its day power from 30 kW ND to 50 kW ND. There
would be no other changes in facilities other than a minor correction to the
geographic coordinates of the tower. Considering that, IIRC, WNSH applied
for 50 kW ND D a few years ago, and had to back off to 30 kW to get a CP,
this application seems odd, but it says that all normally prohibited
overlaps with co-channel and first-adjacent-channel stations fall over open
ocean, making the overlaps permissable. I live northwest of Boston, one of
the areas where WNSH's 30-kW signal is particularly bad. A 67% increase in
power is equivalent to a 30% increase in signal strength. I can't see that
30% increase doing much for the WNSH signal around here. But then, very few
people around here speak Spanish as their primary language.

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