Channel 5 promos

Laurence Glavin
Fri Sep 21 12:59:00 EDT 2012

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 >On 9/20/2012 5:07 PM, Jeff Lehmann wrote: > Anyone with a DTV over the air tuner tunes to 5.1 to see WCVB. The > only time the average person sees 20 is the one time they scan for > local channels. >And even then, they never see "20" unless they happen to put their >converter box in manual tune mode. > 5 makes a LOT of sense still. >Indeed it does. One can argue that whether it's on the old 76-82 MHz >channel or the current 506-512 MHz transmitter, WCVB effectively *is* on >"channel 5." 

 One thing I've been wondering about since the analog-to-digital switch: do sales reps for WBZ-TV, WCVB-TV or
 WHDH-TV promote their stations a still having the cachet and possible technical advantage of VHF transmission? 
 (This goes for heritage VHF stations everywhere). Even cable systems for the most part put the VHF stations they carried on
 their over-the-air channel slots. People had to rewire their brains to rmember that UHF channel 38 was on cable channel
 14, 56 on 12, 25 on 13, etc in eastern Massachusetts. A friend of mine who was a schoolteacher with summers off
 got a job as a vacation-time house sitter (also a dog sitter) in a suburb west of Boston. The local cable system had NO VHF station
 on its "right" channel, and even the UHFs were sited fairly high on the dial far away from their OTA channel numbers.

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