Channel 5 promos

Kevin Vahey
Tue Sep 25 01:28:02 EDT 2012

The only channel in Boston that has played down their old analog number is
WBZ-TV  where the number 4 vanished a few years ago.

5, 7, and 25 still use the number -  Channel 2 not so much.

On Fri, Sep 21, 2012 at 12:59 PM, Laurence Glavin <> wrote:

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>  >On 9/20/2012 5:07 PM, Jeff Lehmann wrote: > Anyone with a DTV over the
> air tuner tunes to 5.1 to see WCVB. The > only time the average person sees
> 20 is the one time they scan for > local channels. >And even then, they
> never see "20" unless they happen to put their >converter box in manual
> tune mode. > 5 makes a LOT of sense still. >Indeed it does. One can argue
> that whether it's on the old 76-82 MHz >channel or the current 506-512 MHz
> transmitter, WCVB effectively *is* on >"channel 5."
>  One thing I've been wondering about since the analog-to-digital switch:
> do sales reps for WBZ-TV, WCVB-TV or
>  WHDH-TV promote their stations a still having the cachet and possible
> technical advantage of VHF transmission?
>  (This goes for heritage VHF stations everywhere). Even cable systems for
> the most part put the VHF stations they carried on
>  their over-the-air channel slots. People had to rewire their brains to
> rmember that UHF channel 38 was on cable channel
>  14, 56 on 12, 25 on 13, etc in eastern Massachusetts. A friend of mine
> who was a schoolteacher with summers off
>  got a job as a vacation-time house sitter (also a dog sitter) in a suburb
> west of Boston. The local cable system had NO VHF station
>  on its "right" channel, and even the UHFs were sited fairly high on the
> dial far away from their OTA channel numbers.

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