Channel 5 promos

Sid Schweiger
Thu Sep 20 17:29:13 EDT 2012

WCVB is running a new set of promos "When you see 5"...but are they no
> longer on Channel 5?  With the move to digital aren't all the Boston
> stations in the UHF band now?  So rather than promoting their former dial
> location wouldn't it make more sense to promote them by callsign. I realize
> that most cable systems still carry them on Channel 5 (or 805 for Comcast
> Digital) but it doesn't make a lot of sense to me."

Their PSIP (read: virtual channel)...the channel number that displays on the still 5.  The FCC was not about to face the screaming that would have ensued had stations, which had invested decades and many dollars in promoting their channel numbers, been forced to give that up.

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