WCVB-TV 5.2 Testing

Jim Hall aerie.ma@comcast.net
Thu Sep 20 16:12:08 EDT 2012

That's a shame. I prefer Channel 11 to Channel 2 because they are more
restrained in their fund-raising efforts. If I see "Celtic Women" or any of
the "Three Tenors" one more time I am going to scream.  For some reason,
Comcast carries "on demand" offerings of PBS shows from Channel 11 under
"news and info", but I don't think they do the same for Channel 2. I wonder
if the announcement you received about dropping Channel 11 applies to all
Comcast towns: I live within the normal service contour of the Channel 11
transmitter, but maybe you don't and they don't have to carry it in your
town. That is why I was wondering about whether the "must carry" rules were
still in effect.



From: Laurence Glavin [mailto:lglavin@mail.com] 
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Comcast must be of two minds on how to handle nearly identical over-the-air
channels.   My latest bill offers the
information that the two NHPTV channels they offer:  channel 11.1 and 11.2
on 11 and 296 will go away shortly.  No info on what will replace them
if anything.  Nonetheless, WMUR-TV's  channel 9 ota & cable slot will
apparently stay put as they have since long before Comcast
bought the cable provider for the Merrimack Valley.  NHPTV will similarly
duplicate WGBH-TV almost all the time, but with
a few variations.  It's a puzzlement. 

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