The Dave Maynard Spin: Dave Maynard, Suzan Franks: 9780978797485: Books

Kevin Vahey
Mon Sep 17 03:45:40 EDT 2012

If my memory banks are still intact I believe WBZ moved Dave to overnights
in late 1978.

Westinghouse hated to fire people back then - they hoped they would quit.
Best example was Streeter Stuart who they put overnight and he LOVED it and
it allowed him to open a health food store in Belmont.

I got to know Dave in my teens as he had a summer cottage next to where my
parents in Onset ( Buzzards Bay )  -  he was a nice guy with no ego.

What I find fascinating is that years later there is no love for *Carl
deSuze. The man did morning drive for 40 years and Jess Cain could not
topple him.
*Today Cain is remembered fondly and deSuze is totally forgotten.*

On Sun, Sep 16, 2012 at 11:53 PM, Don <> wrote:

> Has anyone read this book about Dave Maynard?
> I just finished it.  I was a bit dissappointed as I was hoping for some of
> his insights into broadcasting, his career, Westinghouse, dealing with the
> different brass over the years at WBZ, and to what he attributed his folksy
> success, his move to overnights, his move of Community Auditions from WBZ
> to
> WCVB, and maybe what his personal and family life was like having 'dad'
> being "Maynard in the Morning" (he had 8 kids and step-kids).
> Instead, it's full of Dave Maynard stories of some of the stars he has met
> over the years...and politicians, and some of the recipes, anecdotes and
> travels.
> In that regard it was enjoyable.  They are all told in "Dave Maynard
> Fashion" you can hear his voice, wit and style as you read the book.
> One thing I will say about Dave Maynard's career....after being the "odd
> man
> out" and put on the overnight...he came roaring back full force as "Maynard
> in the Morning".  Apparently Westinghouse at that point saw him as
> expendable and put him on the overnight and wait for him to
> leave........and it's
> amazing they changed their mind and then built the station round him!  It's
> not often that a station (or ownership) is known to change their views on
> something or someone.  (WBZ has done so on 3 occaisions I know...with the
> Brudnoy/Snyder incident...the Leveille/Grayson move, and their change of
> opinion on Dave Maynard.)
> And boy did they promote the heck out of him!
> I always thought those TV spots were silly and hokey....but I guess they
> did
> the trick!  The station spent a lot of time and energy promoting Maynard in
> the Morning.  (Having Larry Glick as the late night recycle into AM drive
> didn't hurt either!  Last thing they listened to at night...the first thing
> they heard in the morning when they woke up.)

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