The Dave Maynard Spin: Dave Maynard, Suzan Franks: 9780978797485: Books

Sun Sep 16 23:53:27 EDT 2012

Has anyone read this book about Dave Maynard?

I just finished it.  I was a bit dissappointed as I was hoping for some of
his insights into broadcasting, his career, Westinghouse, dealing with the
different brass over the years at WBZ, and to what he attributed his folksy
success, his move to overnights, his move of Community Auditions from WBZ to
WCVB, and maybe what his personal and family life was like having 'dad'
being "Maynard in the Morning" (he had 8 kids and step-kids).

Instead, it's full of Dave Maynard stories of some of the stars he has met
over the years...and politicians, and some of the recipes, anecdotes and

In that regard it was enjoyable.  They are all told in "Dave Maynard
Fashion" you can hear his voice, wit and style as you read the book.

One thing I will say about Dave Maynard's career....after being the "odd man
out" and put on the overnight...he came roaring back full force as "Maynard
in the Morning".  Apparently Westinghouse at that point saw him as 
expendable and put him on the overnight and wait for him to leave........and 
amazing they changed their mind and then built the station round him!  It's
not often that a station (or ownership) is known to change their views on
something or someone.  (WBZ has done so on 3 occaisions I know...with the 
Brudnoy/Snyder incident...the Leveille/Grayson move, and their change of 
opinion on Dave Maynard.)

And boy did they promote the heck out of him!

I always thought those TV spots were silly and hokey....but I guess they did
the trick!  The station spent a lot of time and energy promoting Maynard in
the Morning.  (Having Larry Glick as the late night recycle into AM drive
didn't hurt either!  Last thing they listened to at night...the first thing
they heard in the morning when they woke up.)

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