Globe Unaware (Like Most People) About WWZN Change

Bob Nelson
Tue Oct 30 13:35:25 EDT 2012

The Globe's and the Herald's sports radio listings aren't always accurate and sometimes it takes awhile for them to catch up--for example, I think the Herald still listed WPKZ in Fitchburg as a Sox affiliate even though they switched
 to the Yankees (were not offered Sox affiliation this year). The Herald has been known to offer huge lists of affiliates covering much of New England for Sox, Patriots, etc. and the Globe indeed has (perhaps to save space) offered
 frequency listings only. For example you could have a Boston area college sports team playing, say, a team in
 Vermont or Maine and they'll list the freq for the other team's broadcast.

 You'd see "91.1". OK, which 91.1? WBOR, Brunswick ME (Bowdoin College). They might be playing a team around
 here but the Globe would put that freq out...

 Sins of the past: The Sox games being listed as on "WEEI (FM) 850" (in the days before they got 93.7). 850 on the
 FM dial... :)--Globe
 The Herald listing Sox games (in the past) on "WRPO 630" (sic) Providence RI. Simple transposition of letters,
 it should have been WPRO.

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