Globe Unaware (Like Most People) About WWZN Change

Laurence Glavin
Fri Oct 26 16:30:18 EDT 2012

During the lengthy period that "Progressive Talk" was the mainstay of WWZN-AM 1510 in Boston, they nonethless
 kept the call letters WWZN that had previously been associated with their former mostly-sports format. So one could
 logically assume that when the station went back to all-sports, the calls would stay the same. But, no. With little
 fanfare or notice, WWZN became WUFC. Now every Friday, the print edition of the Boston Globe has a section
 containing a list of sporting events over the weekend. WUFC has a deal with Boston University to carry games of
 its sports teams, yet The Globe lists an upcoming BU hockey game as being broadcast on WWZN. (I don't know
 if this info is on The Globe's two websites). Here's an oddity: during the week, sporting events on radio are listed
 as being available on FREQUENCIES, not call letters. Thus if a Worcester-area college team were playing a Portland, ME-area
 college team, the Globe would just give the 1440 frequency. Well, there are stations in Worcester AND Portland on 1440!

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