Laurence Glavin lglavin@mail.com
Sat Oct 20 16:24:22 EDT 2012

C-Span has been rife with Senatorial and Gubernatorial debates lately (House Members too?). I happened to notice a
 debate for Governor of NH, and also that the source was NOT WMUR-TV, but WBIN-TV. And the "bug" at the
 lower right-hand corner of the screen read "WBIN-TV 18". WBIN-TV's PSIP channel is 50; its RF channel is 35.
 Its only connection to the number 18 is its space on the Comcast channel lineup where I live. Does EVERY
 cable carrier if there are any others besides Comcast to offer WBIN-TV slot it at channel 18? How about RCN or
 Dish? I even checked out WBIN-TV on my table TV receiving over-the-air TV with a digital-to-analog box and
 indoor powered antenna, and the station does seem to identify itself as 18. But there's an actual RF channel 18
 in the area. I thought the FCC set up the PSIP system so stations could coast on the reputation of their longtime analog channels
 after the big switch. Here, WBIN-TV seems to be doing neither.

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