Chris Hall chris2526@comcast.net
Sat Oct 20 05:57:37 EDT 2012

I have been listening to a lot of WNBP-FM lately and after tonight I understand why the station sounds so good. Early this morning I was TV channel surfing and came upon a Time-Life Infomercial called Revolution...Hits of the 60’s. .... Over time you forget just how much dated and bad music there was in the 60’s. Protest songs and just plain ridiculous crap such as My Belle Ami and others that seems to make no sense at all. As someone that grew up
during the period looking back makes you realize how ridiculous most of the flower power peacenik stuff was....pretty embarrassing. 
On the other hand WNBP seems to have honed in on best of the best playing only up-tempo feel good songs from the 50’s and 60’s that still sound fresh and timeless.  All the greats and ballads and none of the dreck.
There was a lot of great music, whoever came up with the list is as on target as you can possibly get.

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