"It's the programming, stupid!"

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They guy whose name you couldn't remember (and that I had trouble
remembering) is Bill Wightman. I think radio (V/O work) has become his
second job--that is, I suspect that his "day job" is not in
radio--unless he is doing radio sales, a radio job that doesn't
involve air work. After he left the old WXKS (AM) 1430, he (very
briefly) did AM drive at WBOQ 104.9 in Gloucester. Very talented guy;
every time I hear a fill-in host for Steve LeVeille on WBZ, I wonder
why Peter Casey hasn't pulled Wightman's phone number out of his
Rollodex. I think Wightman would be the perfect fill-in for LeVeille.

Anyhow, you can still hear Wightman on commercials for Rite Window and
Reed's Ferry tool-sheds (I suspect that one guy owns both Rite Window
and Reed's Ferry.) Wightman is also the voice on commercials for Eagle
Bank, whose headquarters are--I believe--in Everett. Based on the
stations where he has worked and at least one of the companies for
which he voices commercials, I suspect that Wightman probably lives
somewhere on the North Shore.

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> Back in 2004 - I know that WXKS-AM had a popular morning show with
> older
> Bostonians. I can't remember who the morning drive person was but he
> had an
> audience. CC decided to go to Talk America and WJIB got most of
> those
> people.

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