WFNX sold to Clear Channel

Bob Nelson
Thu May 17 11:31:23 EDT 2012

By the way we do lament Clear Channel and the cookie cutter, non-local approach, but I should add that
 whether or not 101.7 becomes the new FM home of "Talk 1200", or whether it stays the same, at least Clear Channel has 2 local shows on the station: Jeff Katz and Jay Severin. A certain host on WRKO is
 hinting he'd like to go elsewhere; maybe he could be the third (assuming WXKS keeps both Jeff and Jay.)
 Or maybe he'd go to that station down the road from the Globe.

 When it was Air America radio, CC did not put on any local hosts on 1200/1430. They did have Jeff Santos on Sundays but that was it. I said at the time, "if they had a daily local host, more promotion, and a better signal they could do well". Since then they've seemed to have done that and, well, the ratings aren't stellar yet but at least they have tried. Slightly higher with the addition of Severin. (A move to 101.7? That signal isn't all that much better in the long run than 1200, but it would be on FM at least.) The point is, do local. WTKK, WRKO, WWZN, and WBZ (Rea, Leveille etc.) do have some local hosts. They're not running totally syndie.

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