WFNX sold to Clear Channel

Bob DeMattia
Thu May 17 14:59:01 EDT 2012

> By the way we do lament Clear Channel and the cookie cutter, non-local
> approach, but I should add that
>  whether or not 101.7 becomes the new FM home of "Talk 1200", or whether
> it stays the same, at least Clear Channel has 2 local shows on the station:
> Jeff Katz and Jay Severin.

Katz and Severin are two good counterexamples to the theory that Clear
Channel always goes the non-local approach.
Another example is WTAG - they seem to be earning their keep "hard way" on
that little 5K AM, rather than add yet another
Spanish station or worse yet a satellite-fed talk channel to the Worcester

Their 1200AM is also heard on WXKS-FM-HD2 where it does pretty well, though
not perfect, in Metrowest.


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