WFNX sold to Clear Channel

Wed May 16 16:17:42 EDT 2012

Any possibility that CCU has something more exotic in mind--like
moving 101.5 to Boston (or a suburb that currently has no station
licensed to it)? If WFNX were taken dark, would a move-in of 101.5 to
Boston or environs be possible? And if so, what facilities would
101.5 be able to get in/near Boston? WFNX is licensed to Lynn but
Lynn has another radio station--WLYN (AM), so the FCC might allow
WFNX to go dark. If a move-in were feasible, I'll bet that
the cost of WFNX plus the cost of engineering a 101.5 move to Boston
would be less than the cost of buying any full B FM in Boston--if one
were available. Of course, if the moved 101.5 were restricted to the
B-1 class, the poorer facilities (compared with the rest of Boston's
full Bs--among which I include WBOS, WEEI-FM, WKLB, and WROR--even
though they are licensed to nearby communities, rather than to Boston
itself) would not justify paying the price of a full B. (AFAIK, WAAF
is the only commercial B-1 in the Boston area--and its metroWest
location, bizarre pattern, and protection requirements reduce its
value compared with a that of a better-situated B-1, let alone most
any full B)

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WFNX has laid off 16:

Since 101.7 doesn't cover all the market will they run it with 101.5
WWBB Providence in a simulcast (no matter what format comes there)?

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