WFNX sold to Clear Channel

Scott Fybush
Wed May 16 17:17:34 EDT 2012

On 5/16/2012 4:17 PM, Dan.Strassberg wrote:
> Any possibility that CCU has something more exotic in mind--like
> moving 101.5 to Boston (or a suburb that currently has no station
> licensed to it)? If WFNX were taken dark, would a move-in of 101.5 to
> Boston or environs be possible? And if so, what facilities would
> 101.5 be able to get in/near Boston? WFNX is licensed to Lynn but
> Lynn has another radio station--WLYN (AM), so the FCC might allow
> WFNX to go dark.

Unlike with AM or noncommercial FM, it doesn't work that way here. 
Taking WFNX dark only removes the current license from the database, but 
it leaves behind a vacant class A allocation at 101.7 in Lynn, which 
would then proceed to auction (and which would have to be protected in 
the meantime.)

Moving 101.5 into Boston has the same problem that upgrading 101.7 does: 
the IF spacing to WBUR. Right now, 1 Financial Center just squeaks by as 
a 101.7A site, since the minimum spacing is 15 km and the 14.65 km 
spacing to WBUR rounds up. But the spacing for B-to-B1 is 17 km, and 24 
km for B-to-B.

> itself) would not justify paying the price of a full B. (AFAIK, WAAF
> is the only commercial B-1 in the Boston area--and its metroWest
> location, bizarre pattern, and protection requirements reduce its
> value compared with a that of a better-situated B-1, let alone most
> any full B)

WAAF is a B.


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