How long before this happens?

Fri Jul 27 16:20:55 EDT 2012

The format was probably not all that different from Bob Bittner's format at
WJIB. Bob tells stories similar to yours about the age diversity of his
audience and the loyalty to the format of listeners of all ages. You will
also note that, maybe three or four years ago, Bob started using the
positioner, "The Memories Station." I'll bet he says "the memories station"
about eight times in a typical hour--maybe more; the phrase sure has tested
well. I gather that the word "memories" does not make listeners feel old; in 
fact, it may make them feel young (or at least younger).

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> When I was programming the overnights (7pm - 6am) at WCAP in Lowell
> (before
> the sale in 07) I had come up with a format I called "Music & Memories".

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