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When I was programming the overnights (7pm - 6am) at WCAP in Lowell (before
the sale in 07) I had come up with a format I called "Music & Memories".  It
was a mishmash of music from 1940-1979.  I let the OTSAV (the software I was
using) do the random generation of the show each night just before it
started.  I didn't give it many rules except not to repeat the same artist
or title within a 3 hour span and not to replay any particular selection
without resting it for 4 days.  The only song we played 7 nights a week was
"God Bless America" by Kate Smith at 12 midnight.  There were some
"interesting segues" created by the software....it was 2 songs....liner....2
songs....liner.. I had an active library of over 4,000 songs in constant
rotation (not counting holiday and seasonal songs - that added a thousand or
so more (Easter, Christmas, winter, summer, Halloween, St Patricks Day,
After it ran for about a year I started to get letters and e-mails from
listeners who said they loved the format.  I had a group of UMass Lowell
overnight maintenance  guys who were all in their 20's but they would often
contact me asking questions about a song they heard or requesting a
particular song that came out decades before they were born.  I would
regularly get mail from the Cambridge/Arlington/Quincy area and even heard
pretty regularly from someone in Hynannis (the night signal made it right
across Boston, across the harbor and onto the Cape).  I had regular
listeners from age 20 - 80.  
I've always thought that this format would work on a Boston FM...especially
with live, personable jocks.  

-Gary Francis


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*Garrett  Wollman wrote:*
*Don't assume that older people necessarily want to listen to the music they
listend to as teenagers; their tastes may well have changed.

OK, but I'm still not listening to AMP.



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