How long before a 1960's format happens on AM?

Kevin Vahey
Fri Jul 27 13:58:20 EDT 2012


I think many would listen as 60's on 6 was from day 1 one of XM's more
popular channels. Part of the appeal was they had a much larger playlist.

There is a certain excitement that comes from hearing a song you haven't
heard in years.

WMEX 1150 failed primarily because WODS came along but now there are no FM

I think it is worth a shot.

On Fri, Jul 27, 2012 at 12:49 PM, M. Casey <> wrote:

> Yes ...Why not!.
> I don't think I'd call it "Music of Your Life" but a 60's , (minus and plus
> a few years, say, 1958-1974) top 20-30 or 40 format might do a lot better
> than the current formats on either 1150 or 1510. And, the "Archies" comment
> is well taken. If you take a look at those sample WABC surveys, I think
> there is an argument to "play 'em all" --- that is, with very few
> exceptions,  play all of the top 20 or 30 or 40 survey songs for the
> period.
> There's a ton of those "lost 45's" that folks wouldn't mind hearing in the
> regular rotation. And a deeper list would make for less repetition. I think
> most folks get tired of even some of their favorite songs if they hear them
> too often.
> The point was made that the 60's boomers listening habits haved changed.
> This is only partially true. Some haved moved to country. Many listen to an
> older mix or an oldies or classic rock station at some point. Most that
> listen to radio for music at all, listen to more than one station. So, can:
> Light My Fire, Wolverton Mountain, Johnny Get Angry, I Was Made to Love
> Her,
> Soul Finger,  and White Rabbit co-exist in the same format. Maybe so.
> While this would be likely to fail in a smaller market, and probably would
> not gather large ratings in the Boston market, for a station with a signal
> that covers the majority of the market, the Boston market probably has the
> population base large enough to support it, and even a small market share
> would represent a sizable audience, and one likely larger than either of
> those stations has now. And, it might do well if the station could reach
> the
> Cape Cod (retired) audience as noted.
> --Mark Casey...(1952..almost 60 and listening to the area classic hits
> stations & internet radio)
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> From: "Kevin Vahey" <>
>  but honestly with all the
> AM's out there can't somebody package a MOYL format and then sell it to
> retirement homes just like Ham did for MOR?  I think 1510 or 1150 could
> actually do nicely with this.
> I think it is important to note that a lot of boomers preferred singles to
> album cuts - heck the largest selling song in 1969 was from a group that
> didn't even exist (The Archies )
> Keep in mind you would be dealing with a demo that actually knows what the
> AM band is.
> Thoughts?

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