How long before a 1960's format happens on AM?

M. Casey
Fri Jul 27 12:49:13 EDT 2012

Yes ...Why not!.

I don't think I'd call it "Music of Your Life" but a 60's , (minus and plus 
a few years, say, 1958-1974) top 20-30 or 40 format might do a lot better 
than the current formats on either 1150 or 1510. And, the "Archies" comment 
is well taken. If you take a look at those sample WABC surveys, I think 
there is an argument to "play 'em all" --- that is, with very few 
exceptions,  play all of the top 20 or 30 or 40 survey songs for the period. 
There's a ton of those "lost 45's" that folks wouldn't mind hearing in the 
regular rotation. And a deeper list would make for less repetition. I think 
most folks get tired of even some of their favorite songs if they hear them 
too often.

The point was made that the 60's boomers listening habits haved changed. 
This is only partially true. Some haved moved to country. Many listen to an 
older mix or an oldies or classic rock station at some point. Most that 
listen to radio for music at all, listen to more than one station. So, can: 
Light My Fire, Wolverton Mountain, Johnny Get Angry, I Was Made to Love Her, 
Soul Finger,  and White Rabbit co-exist in the same format. Maybe so.

While this would be likely to fail in a smaller market, and probably would 
not gather large ratings in the Boston market, for a station with a signal 
that covers the majority of the market, the Boston market probably has the 
population base large enough to support it, and even a small market share 
would represent a sizable audience, and one likely larger than either of 
those stations has now. And, it might do well if the station could reach the 
Cape Cod (retired) audience as noted.

--Mark Casey...(1952..almost 60 and listening to the area classic hits 
stations & internet radio)

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From: "Kevin Vahey" <>
 but honestly with all the
AM's out there can't somebody package a MOYL format and then sell it to
retirement homes just like Ham did for MOR?  I think 1510 or 1150 could
actually do nicely with this.

I think it is important to note that a lot of boomers preferred singles to
album cuts - heck the largest selling song in 1969 was from a group that
didn't even exist (The Archies )

Keep in mind you would be dealing with a demo that actually knows what the
AM band is.


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