Jess Santos Departs; WWZN "The Zone" Returns

Bob Nelson
Fri Jul 27 12:46:35 EDT 2012

Thanks for info, Donna. I had heard something about Dial Global maybe
shopping their shows elsewhere--but to whom? I would doubt RKO, TKK,
or XKS AM--who has room in their schedule? (maybe delayed
broadcast)...a small AM maybe (1330? 1360? Not the best signals!) I
would think the Salem stations wouldn't be crazy about prog talk (590,
950, 1150) and they're doing their own thing anyway. So you say DG not
crazy about them having to lease the time to get the shows on. (I can
think of one station with a fairly good daytime signal, but would
doubt the owner--who runs via listener contributions, not ads--would
want to do that: namely, WJIB...
Who else would run them?

If anything advertisers may prefer sports talk which can skew younger,
which is why I wonder if RKO might turn to 24/7 ESPN if Howie leaves.
Ad agencies may prefer people in their 30s wanting to talk NFL, to
folks in their 50s who want political talk..though I would hope
poli-talk can attract younger people too.

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