How long before this happens?

Mark Connelly
Fri Jul 27 09:26:11 EDT 2012

Where one or more seniors-oriented formats should fly very well would 
be here on Cape Cod.

I say 'formats' because the station that would play Benny Goodman and 
Tessie Brewer would not necessarily be the one playing the Beatles, 
Stones, and Doors.

There is a sort-of oldies station on 102.3 in Truro, but the signal is 
not top-notch by the time you get to the busy Hyannis commercial 
district.  Light rockers on 92.7 and 104.7 are OK but seldom go into 
deeper / older material (no '50s doo-wop or earlier, no big-band).

I wish someone would grab 1240 in West Yarmouth or one of the 
redundant-format FM's and do something similar to WJIB, though perhaps 
with a bit more uptempo razzle-dazzle like some of Bill Marlowe's old 
shows or what WNEW (NYC) was doing in the evenings in the '60s and 
'70s.  A live DJ who showed passion for the music and who could 
intelligently put sets together would be a plus.  If they occasionally 
slipped in something by my all-time favourite (and, on this side of the 
pond, under-appreciated) singer Helen Shapiro, then I would be more 
than happy to donate to the station and/or patronize sponsors.  I am 
thinking that many others in the sizeable over-50 age group here would 
respond similarly.

Mark Connelly
South Yarmouth, MA

You are aware, aren't you? that WAZN 1470 carries MOYL 'round the clock 
weekends (although the station recently started selling some of that 
and 6:00PM to 6:00AM (yes, overnight) Monday thru Friday. A whole bunch 
Arthur Liu's other AMs around the country have similar arrangements. 
feed began a couple of months ago. There were serious audio problems 
for a 
while but those were eventually resolved. Within the past couple of 
however, I've noticed that MOYL is again coming to us over a background 
ac-line related hum. I'm not sure, but MOYL may not be the only feed on 
that is plagued by hum. 
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Subject: How long before this happens? 
> Back in 1978 when the old 'MOR' format was skewing too old, Al Ham 
> up a format called 'Music Of Your Life' and it became very popular. ( 
> Boston it was on WXKS-AM for years ) 
> Of course now there are many people in their early to mid 60's who no 
> longer have their music on the radio. 
> Now if you look at what was popular 50 years ago 
> or 45 years ago 
> Now the mighty 740 in Cambridge is an outlet - but honestly with all 
> AM's out there can't somebody package a MOYL format and then sell it 
> retirement homes just like Ham did for MOR?  I think 1510 or 1150 
> actually do nicely with this. 
> I think it is important to note that a lot of boomers preferred 
singles to 
> album cuts - heck the largest selling song in 1969 was from a group 
> didn't even exist (The Archies ) 
> Keep in mind you would be dealing with a demo that actually knows 
what the 
> AM band is. 
> Thoughts? 

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