Who brought you to WBZ?

Kevin Vahey kvahey@gmail.com
Wed Jan 4 04:04:30 EST 2012

As I think back..........

My parents were devoted to WHDH radio when I was growing up and when
channel 5 went online that also became the station for news.

But as a kid - Channel 4 hooked me with Big Brother ( who I was on )
and later Boomtown ( also on )

1963 or so WHDH vs WBZ became a generational battle. WHDH was MOR
during the day and at night was the home of the Red Sox, Bruins and
Celtics. What WHDH did on non game nights I have no recollection - as
I would as a kid listen to Bradley or Ginsburg. I do remember Norm
Nathan with Sound In The Night on HDH however.

I was oblivious to Jess Cain until the mid 70's when Blair took over
and made 850 into a soft Top 40. HDH cica 74-5 was as solid as BZ had
been a decade before.

I think in the end - as I lived outside of New England for a few
years, WBZ was my one link to home. The station bombed into Chicago at
night like a local and Glick was like an old friend.

I still consider it tragic how Steve Dodge and ARS killed off WHDH in
the 590/680/850 wars of the 90's.

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