Who brought you to WBZ?

Lou lspin@comcast.net
Tue Jan 3 11:38:59 EST 2012

Very early on (60s), It was between WBZ and WMEX that I'd scan back and
forth looking for 'the good songs.'  When WRKO came into the picture, WBZ
was still a good halfway stop during the search.  I was also the proud owner
of a crystal radio...  Living in Boston, WBZ was just about all I could get
- right across most of the dial.  But they did have a great air staff with
Jay Dunn, Bruce Bradley, Dave Maynard, Dick Summer and Larry Justice.  Later
on, they picked up Larry Glick!  As I listened less to their music, I stayed
for Glick.  Robin Young's mid-70s late night Saturday Night show was

Their connection to Channel 4 always gave them lots of credibility during
snow storms or other news-worthy events.  As I moved on to FM, their
connection to "Rock-in-Stereo" WBZ-FM didn't hurt.  As others have
indicated, 'BZ-FM ran the hourly news from the AM station and would
sometimes forget to switch back.  And I'd still be listening.


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