Who brought you to WBZ?

George Allen gallen2@nescaum.org
Tue Jan 3 10:30:14 EST 2012

Well, back in the '60s I had a germanium crystal radio [no 
electronics - just the xtal].  In Wellesley, the only 2 stations that 
were actually listenable were WHDH [of course, being almost next 
door] and WBZ with their powerful lobe in my direction.  WBZ's format 
back then was much more attractive to a teenager.  And... eventually 
I too worked there as a tech for a few summers in the '70s, including 
the "Grease Weekend" - a wonderful experience!

A less wonderful but interesting experience was getting a mini 
electro-shock treatment from my metal frame glasses standing next to 
the tuning coils at the base of the Hull towers...

From: Howard Glazer <hmglaz@att.net>
To: "boston-radio-interest@tsornin.bostonradio.org"
Date: Mon, 2 Jan 2012 15:16:13 -0500
Subject: Re: Who brought you to WBZ?

Ron Landry and Bruce Bradley in the mid-'60s, Bob Wilson's Bruins 
play-by-play in the late '60s, Guy Mainella in the early '70s, Robin 
Young's eclectic late-night show in the mid-'70s.

Now? Pretty much just traffic reports on the AM and Patriots/Bruins 
on the FM when I'm in the area.

Howard, in Connecticut

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