WHDH-TV Weather 1959

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Fri Feb 24 17:33:32 EST 2012

On 2/24/2012 7:56 AM, Maureen Carney wrote:

> It caught my eye because of Barney. I was always under the impression that for the most part early Boston TV news and weather avoided most of the gimmicks that seemed prevalent in other markets (like puppets, weather girls and the "funny" weatherman).

I remember this.  When WHDH-TV channel 5 first came on, this was the 
weekend weather report, and they just called it "Ted Miller and 
Friend."  Barney was a handpuppet that hung around the weather map 
(probably the puppeteer was behind the map), asking questions and making 
snide remarks, and Ted Miller answered Barney's questions, probably 
explaining some complex weather issues by explaining them to Barney.

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