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Garrett Wollman wollman@bimajority.org
Mon Dec 17 02:02:37 EST 2012

<<On Mon, 17 Dec 2012 00:58:32 -0500, "Chris Hall" <chris2526@comcast.net> said:

> The Sunday New York Post business pages had an interesting article
> of ridicule aimed at Madison Avenue. Boomers account for 50% of
> consumer sales yet less than 5% of the ad dollars target this
> group. Even more interesting is that within 5 years the 50 and up
> crowd will make up over half the population and control 70 percent
> of disposal income.

Every year, a new crop of young people -- now with less European
ancestry! -- leaves the family homestead and set out on their own.
This year, by the way, was the biggest year for under-30 household
formation in quite a long time.  So I'd be a bit dubious about those
claims.  (I haven't looked at the article you mention to see what
sources they use.  Even the /Post/ sometimes gets it right.)

What I think you'll find is that the sorts of products that retirees
buy are quite different from the sorts of products young singles and
new families buy: 55+ consumers have more free time for travel, and
buy more luxury goods in general, whereas 25-54s buy more homes, white
goods, and consumer staples, and by age 35 often have children in
school, limiting leisure activities and spending.  While luxury brands
(Lexus, Tiffany, Patek Philippe, Nordstrom) have higher margins and
can afford to buy advertising, it is the true mass-market products and
the retailers that sell them (Honda, Kay Jewelers, Samsung, Target)
that have higher revenues overall, to support much larger advertising
buys, and these companies are targeted squarely at young consumers.

> is”. The 49 plus group can be swayed...... just not quite as easy
> as marketing to the moron crowd.

Chris, I suggest that in your next post you try to avoid insulting the
moderator.  I hear he can get a little bit touchy when his mental
competence is called into question.


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