NY Post article

Chris Hall chris2526@comcast.net
Mon Dec 17 00:58:32 EST 2012

The Sunday New York Post business pages had an interesting article of ridicule aimed at Madison Avenue. Boomers account for 50% of
consumer sales yet less than 5% of the ad dollars target this group. Even more interesting is that within 5 years the 50 and up crowd will
make up over half the population and control 70 percent of disposal income. This same group is expected to inherit $15 trillion in the
next 20 years, wish someone would leave me some of this. What happens to Madison Ave when their prized demos age out abandon most 
of the vehicles used for marketing and newer generation cupcake no longer pays attention with little money to spend.
Seems like this self absorbed incestuous group of young Madison Ave buyers need Willie Sutton to straighten them out, when asked why
he robbed banks he replied........”because that’s where the money is”. The 49 plus group can be swayed...... just not quite as easy as marketing
to the moron crowd.

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