Bob Lobel returns Re: Late-night radio is REALLY getting weird!

Kevin Vahey
Fri Dec 14 00:01:52 EST 2012

Lobie is doing the overnight on BZ ( Friday morning )

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> I think Public Radio Remix is OK but I have the feeling that it will not
> age
> well. I think that Comedy 24/7 is OK for what it is but is handicapped by
> the need to appeal to a demographic that is about 60 years younger than I
> am. Longer bits would be helpful--especially in the overnights--along with
> much less emphasis on drugs and aberrant sex. I think the current state of
> WBZ overnight is both a travesty and a tragedy. The program needs one host
> and not any of the ones BZ has tried. Of those that WBZ has brought in, my
> preference is for Bradley Jay (or is that J or Jaye?--I don't think he has
> ever said how he spells it). As far as I can tell, my preference is not
> shared by anybody who has posted to the BZ overnight thread at
> Most of the posters seem to virulently oppose Bradley. Could
> be the age difference again, but I don't know. I'm also concerned that
> Bradley doesn't have what it takes to do five hours a night five nights a
> week for much longer than, say, five weeks. He doesn't appear to do much
> pre-show prep and I think that a lot of prep is essential to making the
> show
> compelling. Given my politics, I'm sure it's no surprise that I think Todd
> Feinburg would be the absolutely worst possible choice--although I do have
> to give Todd credit for proper use of the English language, which is really
> rare in talk radio today. I wonder whether he might at some point have
> taught English in junior high or high school.
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>  I'm curious......could all you guys give me an idea of what you'd like to
>> hear on late nite/overnite radio.  Locally produced.
>> Gary Francis
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>> Did I really hear her correctly--that she is living in a house where she
>> is
>> surrounded by a bunch of unburied, uncremated animal corpses? If so, I'm
>> not
>> sure why I (or most anybody else) would want to meet her. That is really
>> weired!
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>>  The woman on WBZ was probably Jen Brien who had been on WRKO for
>>> awhile and also was on WXTK I think. Longshot, it could been Jennifer
>>> Graham-- ex-wife of Michael Graham, who is a writer, and maybe she's
>>> trying radio--but I'm pretty sure it was
>>> Jen Brien (pronounced bree-EN).
>>> This is one reason why my car stereo (I'm driving home about that time)
>>> has XM
>>> Satellite radio.

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