WBUR Request New Call Letters For WMVY

Laurence Glavin lglavin@mail.com
Sun Dec 16 14:50:13 EST 2012

From: Laurence Glavin
Sent: 12/16/12 02:47 PM
To: boston-radio-interest@lists.BostonRadio.org
Subject: WBUR Request New Call Letters For WMVY

I've read elsewhere that WBUR is requesting new call letters for WMVY, the Martha's Vineyard station the just purchased.
 After FCC approval of the sale, the station's calls will be WBUA. Sounds like one of Jim Cramer's outbursts on CNBC.
 Several years ago, Boston University owned channel 68 in Boston using the call letters WABU-TV; it was even the
 flagship station for the Red Sox at the time. Hard to believe. Maybe they should have kept it, made it non-commercial
 using the call letters WBUR-TV and REALLY given WGBH agita.

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