When Roy Leonard was in Boston

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I don't have enough info to argue, but something seems to be the matter with
the 1967 date. Gary is undoubtedly correct about the date of 680's flip from
WNAC to WRKO, but maybe I was wrong about that date coinciding with the end
of the Roy, Jim, and Gus AM-drive program. I was under the impression that
Jonathan Schwartz's evening program on WNAC left the air at the same time as
did Roy, Jim, and Gus. Maybe that wasn't the case. I am as positive as I can
be that I listened to Schwartz's last program on WNAC in the kitchen of the
apartment my late wife and I occupied in Belmont before we moved to
Arlington on November 12, 1964.

Another way of getting at the date of Schwartz's last show on WNAC might be
the date of the Sunny Liston-Mohammed Ali heavyweight title fight that took
place in (I think) Lewiston ME. Schwartz took off what would otherwise have
been his next-to-last show on WNAC to drive to Maine to see the fight. He
was back for his final show the following night. Since the date of the fight
(late May 1965, according to a couple of hits at Google), was also after we
moved to Arlington, I guess that my memory of listening to Schwartz's last
680 program in the kitchen of the Belmont apartment is just plain wrong. I
could have listened to Schwartz in that kitchen, but I couldn't have
listened to his last show on WNAC there. Sigh.

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> March 1967
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> The WNAC morning show featured Roy (Leonard), Jim (Dixon), and Gus
> (Saunders). The show was called (naturally) Roy, Jim, and Gus. It ended
> when
> General Tire flipped WNAC to WRKO. I'm guessing at the year: 1962 maybe.
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>  Roy Leonard who was a rising star at first WHDH and then WNAC was
> suddenly
>  out of a job in 1967 when WNAC-AM became WRKO. He was hired by WGN
> Chicago
>  and became a superstar.
>  He has started a blog and he has posted pictures of his WKOX, WHDH and
>  days.
>  He was Channel 5's first 11 PM newscaster,
> http://royleonard.com/wp-content/gallery/50s/sc0004f782-e1328810067299.jpg
>  Roy with Ronald Reagan at WKOX
> http://royleonard.com/wp-content/gallery/50s/the-president-of-screen-actors-
> guild-1952-001.jpg
>  Roy at Channel 7
> http://royleonard.com/wp-content/gallery/60s/1966_leonard-roy-wnac_tv_boston
> 2-e1329877976661.jpg
>  Here is one for Donna - Roy with other WNAC jocks in the 60's - who are
> the
>  others?     I think Dave Rodman and Jim Dixon are in the pic.
> http://royleonard.com/wp-content/gallery/60s/1963_leonard_roy-wnac_tv_boston
> 2-e1329877996430-1024x806.jpg
>  The blog can be seen here
>  http://royleonard.com/

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