doings at 680, 1510?

Tue Aug 7 12:52:22 EDT 2012

You sure 'GBH-FM still carries Fresh Air at 2:00PM M-F? I thought it was a
casualty of the recent schedule re-shuffling. I could be wrong, of course.

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> On 8/7/2012 10:59 AM, Bob Nelson wrote:
>> I'll admit my view of Gross may be from a couple clips Laura Ingraham
>> once played of her show: one had her fawning over Al Franken
>> (pre-Senate) as a guest, the other had her going after Bill O'Reilly
>> hard when he was on with her. (And like anything in politics it
>> depends on where you're coming from; the far right does not consider
>> O'Reilly conservative, believe it or not!) And I haven't quite checked
>> out Talk of the Nation.
> Perhaps I'm unusual, but I like to spend some time understanding what it
> is I'm opining about, before I start opining about it at any length and
> expecting anyone to give the slightest credence to what I think.
> Even if your schedule doesn't allow you to hear Fresh Air (1 PM on WBUR, 2
> PM on WGBH) or ToTN (2 PM on WBUR) over the air, both shows offer
> extensive podcasts. (It should be noted as well that ToTN's regular host,
> Neal Conan, is on vacation this week.)
> To form an opinion about Terry Gross based on "a couple clips Laura
> Ingraham once played of her show" would have as much validity, it seems to
> me, as forming an opinion about Bill O'Reilly based on watching an episode
> of Stephen Colbert, or forming an opinion about Rush Limbaugh based on one
> Rachel Maddow commentary.

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