doings at 680, 1510?

Tue Aug 7 07:38:00 EDT 2012

Isn't the mixture of right- and left-wing views on one station what CCU has 
been trying for maybe the last six months on the AM 910 licensed to Oakland 
and serving the SF Bay area? Before the format flip, and before the arrival 
of the non-rightie program hosts, the calls had been KNEW, but IIRC, those 
calls migrated one station up the AM dial to another CCU-owned talker also 
licensed to Oakland. The 960 station had been known as KKGN (K-Green) and 
had a kind of left-wing flavor. Meanwhile, I think 910 is now known as KKSF 
(or maybe not). Anyhow, my understanding is that CCU is trying to make KKSF 
(or whatever they're calling it) into the successor to KGO 810, whose new 
owners (Cumulus?) flipped it from non-hard-right talk (which it had been 
under Disney and Citadel) to (more or less) all news. I don't have a clue to 
what kind of success (if any) KKSF is enjoying, but has it been successful 
enough for CCU to try a similar format on 1200 in Boston? The Bay area isn't 
Boston and Boston isn't the Bay area and also isn't nearly as large a 
market, but both markets are known for liberal politics, lots of 
colleges/universities, and high-tech industries.

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>> The problem is still - CAN YOU SELL IT???????
>>> Just what the world needs-- the same conservative talkers, over and 
>>> over,
>>> on station after station.  No offense to my conservative friends (and 
>>> yes I
>>> do have some), but what would the harm be to let a couple of 
>>> high-profile
>>> leftie talkers be heard? 

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