Can WBCN lead listeners to buy HD radio?

Alan Tolz
Mon Apr 16 13:35:27 EDT 2012

I would presume that the last thing WZLX wants to do is canabalize it's 
audience by putting WBCN HD on its HD2 position.  I would also guess that 
like all other great radio stations before it, once it ceases to exist on 
the FM or AM bands, there's not critical mass left from WBCN's former 
listening base to migrate en masse to a different form of delivery.  If 
there was, many of the alternative and rock stations around the country that 
left the format to chase A 25-54 dollars in their respective markets over 
the past 3-5 years would be thriving as internet streamers or HD2 stations. 
HD will not reach enough consumers to matter much.  Not in my lifetime, 

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> New York Times article about WBCN on HD radio; can the spirit of the old 
> 104.1, complete with a biodiesel bus tour, attract listeners to buy an HD 
> radio? Live DJs were added recently. (The WBCN calls on terrestrial radio
> belong to an AM talk station in Charlotte). Sam Kopper is quoted as saying 
> he wants to re-connect with
> the listener.
> Sounds like a niche format for many nostalgic for the old 'BCN, a way to 
> get that old spirit while CBS apparently has no room for it on the 
> standard FM dial. (I wonder if they could promote this on WZLX. Maybe they 
> are...
> have a weekly show or run ads about "WBCN on HD". Still would that be 
> enough?)

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