Can WBCN lead listeners to buy HD radio?

Bob Nelson
Mon Apr 16 10:46:10 EDT 2012

 New York Times article about WBCN on HD radio; can the spirit of the old 104.1, complete with a biodiesel bus tour, attract listeners to buy an HD radio? Live DJs were added recently. (The WBCN calls on terrestrial radio
 belong to an AM talk station in Charlotte). Sam Kopper is quoted as saying he wants to re-connect with
 the listener.

 Sounds like a niche format for many nostalgic for the old 'BCN, a way to get that old spirit while CBS apparently has no room for it on the standard FM dial. (I wonder if they could promote this on WZLX. Maybe they are...
 have a weekly show or run ads about "WBCN on HD". Still would that be enough?)

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