R.I.P Steve Fredericks

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Well, Fredericks made moves similar to Imus's. He left Philly to come
to Boston and after several moves within the Boston market, he
returned to Philly. AFAIK, once he returned to Philly, the only moves
he made were among CBS O&O stations in Philly: WCAU (I don't think he
was ever on that frequency after it became WPHT) and WIP (AM). So now
we've established that Fredericks was not unique in returning to a
larger market after detouring to a smaller one. I can name a few
others who have gone similar routes: I believe that Jerry Williams
might have been one. After he left Chicago and returned to Boston,
didn't he go very briefly to New York (WMCA, maybe) before returning,
yet again, to Boston? Oh, and Gene Burns left Boston for New York
(WOR), then moved to San Francisco (market #4 but New York is market
#1). And while living in SF, he did shows via ISDN on two Boston-area
stations (the old WKOX 1200 while Fairbanks still owned it, and Alex
Langer's WMEX 1060). I don't think you can ascribe Burns's latest move
(from KGO to KKSF) to the work he did on two stations licensed to

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>> And you've never noticed that very few radio careers have only
>> steps
>> up? What planet are you living on?
> Earth.
> Few talent (not all of course), when they make a step down in market
> size,
> don't make it back up.
> Can you name me a talent that after Boston, went out to say,
> Springfield,
> Hartford, Worcester, Providence, Manchester, Portland, etc....that
> later
> went onto markets the size of Boston or better?
> Once someone's career appears to be in decline.....there is a strike
> against
> you in the minds of programmers/managers.
> Again, not a hard and fast rule....but generally so.
> There are special cases...like Imus going to Cleveland to deal with
> his
> demons....and then back to NYC.

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