R.I.P Steve Fredericks

Don Donald_Astelle@yahoo.com
Wed Apr 11 17:45:54 EDT 2012

> He left Philly to come
> to Boston and after several moves within the Boston market, he
> returned to Philly. AFAIK, once he returned to Philly, the only moves
> he made were among CBS O&O stations in Philly: WCAU (I don't think he
> was ever on that frequency after it became WPHT) and WIP (AM). So now
> we've established that Fredericks was not unique in returning to a
> larger market after detouring to a smaller one.

What was unique was that Philly was his home town. (and there was no girl in 
brookline.), and he went back "home" where there was a welcome mat.

> I can name a few
> others who have gone similar routes: I believe that Jerry Williams
> might have been one. After he left Chicago and returned to Boston,
> didn't he go very briefly to New York (WMCA, maybe) before returning,
> yet again, to Boston?

Where was the smaller market?  His New York experience lasted all of about 3 
weeks....for (at the time) struggling little WMCA.)

> Oh, and Gene Burns left Boston for New York
> (WOR), then moved to San Francisco (market #4 but New York is market
> #1).

We're talking apples and oranges  Boucing around the Major Markets is all 
pretty much lateral moves.

But again, moving from Clear Channel CBS O&O WCAU to Max Richmonds WMEX (5KW 
at night) to do a late night talk show isn't quite a lateral move.

I'm sure career couselors would've advised against it.

But then again, there was a girl in Brookline...and that changes everything. 

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