R.I.P Steve Fredericks

Don Donald_Astelle@yahoo.com
Wed Apr 11 15:17:26 EDT 2012

> And you've never noticed that very few radio careers have only steps
> up? What planet are you living on?


Few talent (not all of course), when they make a step down in market size,
don't make it back up.

Can you name me a talent that after Boston, went out to say, Springfield,
Hartford, Worcester, Providence, Manchester, Portland, etc....that later
went onto markets the size of Boston or better?

Once someone's career appears to be in decline.....there is a strike against
you in the minds of programmers/managers.

Again, not a hard and fast rule....but generally so.

There are special cases...like Imus going to Cleveland to deal with his
demons....and then back to NYC.

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