R.I.P Steve Fredericks

Larry Sochrin lsochrin@rcn.com
Wed Apr 11 12:57:06 EDT 2012

I moved to Boston in 1969 from West Philly (where Steve Fredericks grew up and I went to grad school), and remember that Steve's late night political talk show on WMEX quickly became an addiction for me.  Although my politics were a bit different than his, his voice, intelligence, personality, and closing "Please, work for peace," was something I looked forward to each night.   I left Boston for 2 weeks for a position with RCA Broadcast Equipment division back in Philly (actually Camden, NJ),  but quickly decided that the job wasn't a fit, and happily moved back to Boston and Steve's show.  Had there been internet listening then as there is now, I might have given the job in Philly a bit longer.  I was sorry when he went back to sports and then he moved back to Philly. 

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