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Interesting--never knew they had been on 93.7. What I remember is the days of The Rock Garden followed by Blue Suede Radio (they used to air it over the loudspeakers of the now defunct Bldg 19 in Lynn where I worked in the
 early 80s). That was interesting that the Sox helped Curt in that way.

 I wonder if WBOQ will be forced to drop Sox games next year what with the 93.7 carrying games? Or will Entercom
 keep them on, pocketing affiliation fee. I'd think all of the North Shore can get 93.7 just fine. (And by the way when Ent. mentioned the various areas that can pick up 93.7, they said things like "Merrimack Valley" but not North
 Shore--as in, from Winthrop to Ipswich, Nahant to Danvers, Beverly to Gloucester, and slightly inland areas
 like Reading, Wakefield, etc. Definitely include "North Shore"...)

 Jim Cutler's promos on 93.7 say "93.7 WEEI on FM." I don't know when the WEEI-FM calls take effect but no
 doubt he says it this way because saying WEEI-FM would constitute a legal ID.

 I did hear a bit of Jason Smith, ESPN all night...uptempo delivery, humor, sports highlights etc. Some are saying not everyone would be into ESPN talk shows, but certainly if Entercom doesn't want local talk past midnight, ESPN
 is not bad to run.

 Many people who were Mike FM fans are on facebook complaining about the change; "we don't need another
 sports station". Actually it's a simulcast of one that already exists. I suppose they could hope Entercom might
 put Mike on 97.7 but I doubt that'll happen despite Mike making money for them. (But as Dennis Miller would say, "That's just my opinion--hey, I could be wrong"). They need 97.7 to relay WAAF, which makes them money. If
 Ent. doesn't put Mike there you wonder if another company might consider a Mike-like format, but whom?
 (Prob. not Clear Channel who do fine with Kiss and Jam'n)


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 Tonight will mark the return of Red Sox games to 93.7 after over 40 years. The Sox put games there to help Curt Gowdy promote his new FM station.

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