WQPH Correction I Sent And Reply From Lowell Sun

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@gmail.com
Wed Oct 26 03:23:19 EDT 2011

I do remember in the 70s or so there were PSAs like "Take Ten and
Learn the Metric Way" and we were taught the basics of metric. As it
is we are kind of schizophrenic...there are 1 and 2 litre bottles of
soda but also
12 oz (355 mL) cans, 20 oz bottles, etc. Gas of course is in gallons
though once you cross over into
Canada you'll note gas is in litres, distance is in kilometres, etc.
Up near the border, there will be signs
with both (Montreal 62 mi/100 km) and right at the border, a sign
reminding you to use km. (Km per hour, etc.)

We are used to height being in feet and inches but you'll read someone
in another country give their
height in cm and/or weight in kg. I think of 10 cm as being 4 inches,
so someone 68 inches tall is
about 170 cm. A kg is 2.2 pounds, etc. Want to sound lighter? Say you
weigh 100 (kg) instead of
220 (pounds)!

And then yes, temperature. We learned a complicated formula that
involved multiplying or diving by 5 or 9,
adding or subtracting 32, etc., but really it's very simple. 0 Celsius
is 32 Fahrenheit and for each 5 degrees C, it's 9 degrees of
Fahrenheit. Room temperature, 68, is 20 Celsius. A pleasant summer day
can be
25 C (77F) or 30C (86 F) etc. 41 F = 5 C, 50 F= 10 C, etc.

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