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On 10/26/2011 3:23 AM, Bob Nelson wrote:

> And then yes, temperature. We learned a complicated formula that
> involved multiplying or diving by 5 or 9,
> adding or subtracting 32, etc., but really it's very simple. 0 Celsius
> is 32 Fahrenheit and for each 5 degrees C, it's 9 degrees of
> Fahrenheit. Room temperature, 68, is 20 Celsius. A pleasant summer day
> can be
> 25 C (77F) or 30C (86 F) etc. 41 F = 5 C, 50 F= 10 C, etc.

And sometime in the 1970s, I was in a play, playing a Groucho Marx 
character, and I came up with the line, "What this country needs is a 
good five-cent cigar.  In fact, what this country needs is a good 
five-cent nickel.  That's minus fifteen cents Celcius."

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