Legal IDs and shared-time stations

Mon Oct 3 06:30:31 EDT 2011

I believe that the US AM band has seen (heard?) the last of the
shared-time stations. I think it left the air two or three years ago.
It shared time with WIBW Topeka KS, but I can't remember the calls
(KFKU?). There are now one or two such on FM, however, including one
four-way time-share that was authorized in the last year or two.

Back when AM time shares were not so unusual, there were at least four
in which one station operated only one day a week (usually Sunday, but
not in all cases). The four that I can think of were WHBI Newark
(shared 1280 with WOV New York; WHBI operated Sundays), WHAZ Troy NY
(shared 1330 with WEVD New York and WBBR Brooklyn; WHAZ operated
Monday evenings), WBBL Richmond VA (shared 1480 with WLEE Richmond;
AFAIK, WBBL operated only on Sundays), and KPPC Pasadena CA (AFAIK,
operated Sundays only on 1240 but affected the operation of two
stations that were not co-channel, KGFJ 1230 Los Angeles, and KGIL
1260 San Fernando, both of which had to reduce power when KPPC was

My question is, did the ID rules back in that day refer to
announcements that had to be made daily at certain times? If so, were
stations that did not operate six days a week automatically freed of
the responsibility for making those announcements when they were not
on the air, or were waivers required? It would be just like the FCC to
have required waivers.

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