Hot dogs, burgers, and legal IDs

Sun Oct 2 10:58:22 EDT 2011

Although our moderator hasn't (yet) called me on the infraction, I
failed to establish a radio connection in my response to Paul Walker's
posting on a hot-dog-eating contest (in which radio
personalities--including Paul--participated). The tie in is this:
Which are more outlandish: (A) the rules for legal hot-dog and burger
toppings in contests involving the consumption of hot dogs and burgers
(including those staged by radio stations or in which radio
personalities participate) or (B), the FCC rules (or lack thereof) for
IDing radio stations that transmit digitally encoded content?

BTW, I have felt since the adoption of the rule requiring stations
that transmit digital content to so ID that the rule was and is a
publicity gimmick that iBiquity asked the FCC to require. The idea was
clearly that if the public heard stations announce that they were
broadcasting in HD Radio, more HD receivers would be sold. From what I
can tell, the gimmick has worked. Instead of selling six HD Radio
receivers nationwide over the last four or so years, the number sold
nationwide has probably exceeded eight.

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