Radio DJ's Enter Hot Dog Eating Contest...

Paul B. Walker, Jr.
Sat Oct 1 23:03:28 EDT 2011

LOL Dan..

This was done for fun and a good cause... Ridgway's all Volunteer Fire

On Sat, Oct 1, 2011 at 9:51 PM, Dan.Strassberg <>wrote:

> Cole slaw? cole slaw??? What happened to sauerkraut? Who puts cole
> slaw on hot dogs? Mustard, relish or a pickel, melted American cheese
> (Cheez-Whiz is allowed and is actually preferred in some circles, even
> though it is alleged to contain no cheese) and either sauerkraut or
> chili (but not both on the same hot dog) are the only legitimate
> hot-dog toppings. Any other topping (including ketchup) invalidates
> the contest! Cole slaw is a travesty! Ketchup and chili sauce (a
> ketchup variant) are allowed on burgers, but not on hot dogs. Purists
> deny that you can have both ketchup (or chili sauce) and mustard on a
> burger. You have to choose a red topping or a brown topping; you can't
> use both on the same burger. This is serious stuff! There are all
> sorts of arcane provisions. For example, is horseradish allowed when
> not a constitutuent of horseradish mustard?
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>  Ok, so this isn't quite Boston or New England, but it's close
>> enough:)
>> 97.5 The Hound WDDH Mid Day Personality & Program Director JJ
>> Michaels along
>> with Afternoon Personality Paul Walker (that's me!) participate din
>> a Hot
>> dog eating contest Saturday afternoon.
>> We had a 2 foot long hotdog with appropriately sized bun, topped
>> with 1lb of
>> chilli, 1 pound of fries and 1 pound of coleslaw. We had 30 minutes
>> to eat
>> as much as we could.
>> My boss, JJ.. finished with 3.4 pounds. .i got down 1.6 pounds.
>> Here's a picture:
>> Pictured form left to right: JJ Michaels, Paul Walker and Mr. DDH..
>> Dennis
>> D. Heindl

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