Christmas Music, as they saw it in 1941

Paul B. Walker, Jr.
Sun Nov 13 13:55:38 EST 2011

At the station I'm at, 97.5 The Hound, we don't go Christmas music
till about 6pm Christmas Eve and only play it through 12midnight
Christmas night/the following morning.


On Sun, Nov 13, 2011 at 12:50 PM, Garrett Wollman
<> wrote:
> From /Broadcasting/, December 15, 1941:
>        Record Rules
>        Restrictions on recordings have been set up at WDAS,
>        Philadelphia, by Program Director Harold Davis.  Feeling that
>        indiscriminate use of Christmas carols is not good for either
>        station, listener or the carol, /Silent Night/ and all other
>        standard Yuletide songs have been placed on the restricted
>        list with special permission necessary from the program
>        department for use.  Absolutely forbidden are swing or jazz
>        arrangements of /Silent Night/ and the /First Noel/ though
>        such treatment is permissible for /Jingle Bells/.  Restriction
>        is also placed on new record releases to avoid plugging.
> I suppose in these more tightly-formatted days, jocks at most stations
> (that still have jocks) will just be given the holiday songs to be
> played on their regular music log as it comes out of Selector (or
> whatever other software the station uses for music scheduling).
> At least we know that the complaints about Christmas music on the
> radio are nothing new....
> -GAWollman

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