The sad, unwarranted decline of rock music on FM radio.

Kevin Vahey
Tue Nov 15 13:50:36 EST 2011

Today on a former high profile DJ at a Chicago rock stgation
that flipped to news cries about how local radio is nearly dead.

This one passage hits home

Curiosity can make a listener tune in to a radio station. Loyalty will
make him stay, and loyalty must be earned. Making that kind of
connection isn’t easy, and it takes patience. It helped that I worked
for a company that trusted me to host a request hour and didn’t
require me to pre-record shows for the weekend or for stations in
other cities. Recording a show to sound live or local when it’s
neither makes a DJ sound like the great and powerful Oz—a disembodied
voice behind a curtain, not to be trusted.

It is a very well written piece.

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